Pet Information – Puppy Farms

Most people probably haven’t even heard of puppy farms. If they have they probably haven’t given them much thought. However, if you only ever remember one piece of pet health information, you should remember never to buy a puppy from one.

Puppy farms are places, often well away from towns, where unscrupulous dealers put profits before dog welfare. The female dogs which breed in puppy farms are treated in a similar way to battery hens. The mother dogs are kept in small pens, never see natural light, are not given space or time to exercise and a bred so frequently that they fall pregnant straight after giving birth most of the time. These female dogs’ bodies are weak due to being bred too often, never being able to exercise and being fed the absolute minimum food for their needs. Cramped conditions mean that disease amongst dogs on farms is rife, compromising pet health.

Breeders who are keen to make as much profit as quickly as possible ensure that mother dogs fall pregnant as soon as possible after giving birth. In addition to this cruelty, they also remove puppies from their mother’s care far too quickly in order to make a profit sooner. As a result, puppies from puppy farms are likely to be weaker and less healthy than other dogs. That’s if you’re lucky: they have probably been exposed to potentially life threatening diseases in the puppy farms and are likely to have at least minor behavioural problems because of their unhappy life at the puppy farm.

In a survey of dog owners, 95% of them said they’d never consider buying a dog from a puppy farm. Yet, some animal welfare charities suspect that as many as 900,000 people may have bought their dog from a puppy farm, through a dealer or pet shop without realising. Many dog owners buy from internet or newspaper adverts as well as pet shops which are often supplied by puppy farms.

Advice from the kennel club is to buy directly from breeders to guarantee pet health. Dog dealers are supplied by puppy farms and often pose as simple breeders, so when looking for newspaper adverts be wary of anyone selling more than one breed of dog, as they may be dealers. When buying a puppy from a breeder, always insist on seeing the puppy with its mother and any siblings. If a breeder makes excuses about why you cannot see the mother, walk away, they are almost certainly a dealer. The kennel club has a record of pedigree puppies which you can search should you want to buy one.

With 150 stray dogs killed every week by local authorities who cannot cope with demand for unwanted pet services, mass breeding of dogs in farms becomes even less justified. This is why many charities advise those people looking to buy a dog to consider getting a rescue dog. They may not be pedigrees, but this actually means they are likely to be healthier and you will be able to guarantee that they’ve been looked after in the rescue centre rather than treated as a commodity by dog farmers.

Profitable Rabbit Farming

Rabbit farming is an exciting and profitable new venture emerging in the agricultural and hobby farming sectors.

There are a number of different markets you can choose to enter, when beginning rabbit farming, and you will need to consider which market you would like to branch into. This will determine which breed of rabbit you will keep, which housing to use. Also the type of feed, and the intensity of the labor needed will need to be researched. You will need to decide where and who your target market is, and how you will be able to meet the needs of these consumers.

Rabbit farming can be an easy backyard hobby farm, or an expanded commercial venture, but when properly planned, it can be very rewarding. From the earliest days when sailors began traveling the high seas, their need for fresh meat had them start up rabbit colonies in all their ports of call. Since those early beginnings, rabbit farming has truly grown into a new venture into addressing the growing demand for meat protein, and the shrinking land resources with which to fulfil this need. Rabbits require much less land, and much less feed to produce a lb. (kg) of meat, than what cattle or any other regular farming animal require. This makes rabbit farming a commercially viable alternative to supplying the steady demand for meat.

Of course you may decide to raise rabbits for their fur, or as pets. Even here, there is a steady market, although not a market with the same growth rate, as rabbits for meat. Whichever market you will be breeding for, however, it will be necessary to budget and plan for your enterprise to be successful.

The first of these is to ensure that you have a market which is ready and willing to absorb all that you can produce. In other words, do not begin your farming venture of 100 breeding does, and sufficient buck for servicing them, if you do not have the resources to house and fees 4000 offspring each year, and a market ready to buy these 4000 offspring each year.

A number of more hidden costs need to be taken into account as well, when planning the size of your operation.

• Heating and lighting, as well as air-conditioning in summer will add a sizeable amount to the running costs.

• What buildings are available, or have to be built, to house your rabbits.

• How will feeding and watering be done, and how much feed will be required. Water accounts need to be taken into account as well, because rabbits can consume a large amount of water, when multiplied by a couple of 1000.

• Housing, cages, nest boxes, nesting material, hay and feed need to be budgeted, as well as medication, veterinary bills, cleaning materials and labor. Housing maintenance and repairs also need to be considered.

Remember that planning and budgeting wisely are the cornerstone of building any successful venture, and this is just as true for your rabbit farming venture.

Online Services Get More Pets Home Safely

pet servicesIf you want to avoid the wrenching experiencing of not knowing where your pet is or what has happened to it, you need to take advantage of the identification tools that are available. While the three major forms of identification each have their own strengths and weaknesses, though, they’re not enough to make sure that other people get the information that they need to bring your animal home. Bringing it all together using online services can make the difference between bringing a dog or cat home and never really knowing what has happened to it.


Tags are imprinted with an animal’s name and home phone number. These are convenient to use, since virtually all pet dogs and cats are supposed to wear a rabies tag as proof that they’ve been properly vaccinated anyway. Unfortunately, these can get lost if the collar snacks on something.


Microchips are more permanent, because they’re actually implanted into an animal at the shoulder. The chip has an identification number on it, and this is kept in a database with the microchip company so that it’s possible to look up the contact information for the owners. It’s only possible to read these chips with the right equipment, though, and their presence isn’t visible. People who find lost pets often don’t realize that they should take them to a shelter or vet to have them scanned.


This is an identification marker that is both permanent and visible to anyone, though it can only be put on while an animal is already anesthetized, such as for a spay or neuter surgery. The number tattooed uniquely identifies a specific animal, but someone who sees it may not know what it means or who to call to get further information.

Identification is Not Enough

All of the forms of identification for pets have serious drawbacks that keep them from being the perfect solution. Because of this, it’s still important to do things like advertise that an animal has been either lost or found. Online postings are particularly valuable, because the people in the relevant region can share them with their friends very easily. Where a poster can only be seen by people who actually pass by it, which could be far from where the pet has roamed, an online posting can spread to thousands in a very short period of time, and is constantly available to anyone looking for or finding a pet.

Bringing it All Together

The best lost pet service online is one that brings together many different factors to allow people to find their pets, or people who’ve come across pets to find the families. It includes information about where they were lost or found, what they look like and answer to, and whether they have microchips and other identifying features. Putting all of this information in one place makes it a lot easier for someone who may only have some fraction of it to match it up to a listing and identify the animal.

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services

Holidays are just around the corner, are you traveling or staying home? Are you visiting family or hosting a holiday feast and going out of your mind (or not, if you love to entertain and are much better organizer than me)? And the most important question of all, how is your pet taken care of during all that?

From Wikipedia: “A pet is an animal kept for companionship and enjoyment or a household animal. The most popular pets are noted for their loyal or playful characteristics, for their attractive appearance, or for their song. Pets also generally seem to provide their owners with non-trivial health benefits; keeping pets has been shown to help relieve stress to those who like having animals around. Walking a dog can provide both the owner and the dog with exercise, fresh air, and social interaction.”

That insert was from Wikipedia but for the proud pet owners like us word pet means love and family, we simple adore those little (or big in some cases) creatures that live in our homes and our hearts and taking good care of them is not an option, it is an imperative. Which brings us back to the topic, what to do with your dog or cat, or any other pet in your household, during the holidays?

If you are traveling, there are only two available options, take your pet with you or leave it behind. The best one is to take it with you of course, so you don’t have to worry of your pet staying behind (only about your dog chewing hostess’s favorite shoe, but that is totally different topic). If that is not an option in your case that means your “little one” is staying and you better think of good and acceptable solution quickly. There are pet facilities to take care of your dogs for a lengthy period of time available, you are usually required to come there in advance and see how your dog/cat will do in new environment and interact with other animals around. Nothing wrong with these,they are great, I just know that after one of my dog’s stays in such facility we ended up with flees on our dog and in our house that took loooong time to get rid off. Since than, we prefer to have someone take care of our dog either at our or their house. If you never used that person before please ask for references and call these people. That is very important, you want to make sure that your pet will be properly taken care of. You can also check with your neighbors, if anyone would like to “test” having and taking care of the dog while you are gone would be great, that option is probably cheaper and you already know you can trust these people to do a good job.

If you are not traveling than you just need to make sure your pet gets his food and walk while you are either cooking, hosting or visiting during holidays. Preparing big meal and getting your house clean and ready for visitors is a big job, don’t deprive your doggy of one of its favorite activity, please find someone to walk and play with your dog while you are busy doing other stuff. Dog walking services are great solution in cases like this. You can go with professional dog walking services (it is their full time job, usually insured and bonded) or just hire kid from down the street, as long as you trust them and know they will do a great job in caring for your precious family member.

Happy Holidays!

Dog Grooming

Every weekend you must be spending some real fun time with your dog. There are even people who own multiple pets. But owning them is not enough as a master. You have to take care of them like a real friend. Then only they will listen to you and will play with you all day long. Your pet must stay healthy and also learn all the basic etiquettes a dog should learn. But it is not always possible to train them as you remain busy throughout the week. So, what will you do? There are solutions for every problem. You must visit a pet grooming center where services like dog daycare and grooming are provided.

Just as you take your son and daughter to school while you go to office, you can also take your beloved pet to a dog grooming center where your pet will feel happy. Yes! You have heard it right. Dogs need companions. It is necessary to play with other dogs in order to stay fit, active and jovial. The best part of such dog daycare centers is that they provide some additional services as well apart from keeping your pet. Some of the services most pet boarding provide are daycare, training, washing, socialization, shampooing, playing and a lot of other fun activities.

However, before you send your pet to such a pet boarding, you have to check certain things which are as follows:

• Dog’s safety is one of the most important thing to consider before you admit your pet to a pet boarding. Your pet must be treated well. Hence, you must check that the dog trainers and groomers are trained, certified and licensed to train pets. Don’t let your pet mishandled by the trainers.

• Hygiene plays a vital role in keeping pets healthy and active. You have to make sure that the pet store where you will keep your pets are cleaned with disinfectants and other solutions to keep the area clean and germ free. Check all the sinks, counter tops and bathing areas.

• It is essential that your dog gets quality treatments such as parasite removal, bathing with dog shampoo, paw nail-cutting and overall salon treatments.

• Training programs should be performed in such a way that your dog gets the maximum from such training’s.

You will find several dog grooming centers. But not all can meet your expectations. So, it is recommended to do a thorough research online and offline before you take your pet in one such pet store. Check whether the center is licensed to provide dog daycare services in your region. Check whether the trainers are friendly to all pets before you admit your sweet little pet in a pet boarding.

Pet Services Will Help Train You and Your Dog

dog trainerThere are some dogs that just don’t listen to even the simplest instructions, like sit. Their behavior is at its worst when visitors come around. He howls and makes all sorts of noises the moment you leave him alone. The moment you open the door or gate, he shoots out into the street. There is still hope for you and your dog. The Los Angeles Pet services will help you train your dog to be obedience. By the end of the training program, you and your dog will know how to behave. You are also included in the program so that you learn how to treat your dog and how to give commands. So, both you and your dog will benefit from this training.

It is always best to start training at puppy stage. It’s just like teaching your children good behavior at a young age. Once older, there are greater challenges to be met, which with time may be overcome. Training always begins at home. The pet trainer comes to your home such that the dog is in a familiar environment, where there are fewer diversions. You will be taught how to give commands without having to shout at or hit your dog. Training your dog is a gradual process. Thus once you know how to treat your dog, you will continue training on your own. The dog will be taught how to listen to commands like down, leave that, sit and heel, and obey them without a hassle.

Once your dog can pay attention, it is time to move from the home environment to the public arena. This time, the dog has to be able to obey instructions in an environment full of distractions. This requires the dog to pay attention. By the end of this session, he should be able to follow you wherever you choose to go rather than wherever he chooses to go. He will also be taught not to be aggressive when meeting with other dogs. Howling and barking when you leave the house, indicates a separation anxiety. This is common in puppies and dogs that have been abandoned before. They fear you will not return. The dogs will be trained how to deal with this.

Imagine you discover on the day of your interview that your dog chewed up your only good shoe. Chewing is also a habit that your dog enjoys. So, instead of chewing up anything, he will learn to chew and only chew his bones and his toys. He will also get the art of waiting at doorways as well as being nice to the neighbors’ kids. Never ever reward your dog with treats for good behavior. He will get it into his head that he behaves only when he is given treats. Rather, shower him with praises and love.

Find best pet service providers are trained to train your dog so you can trust them to do a good job. There is no thing like an untrainable dog, even though his bad behavior is extreme.

Benefits Of Feeding Your Cat All Natural Cat Food

If a person owns a cat or a brand new baby kitten, this cute and cuddly fur ball can be prone to sickness and diseases, especially the mysterious kitty Leukemia. So, right from the beginning the cat’s health needs to be optimized. This starts with what a person feeds it. All natural cat food can do this for a person’s cat or kitten. But, what is the definition of all natural cat food? It means that there are no preservatives, artificial ingredients, colors or dyes, and no chemical process whatsoever. Most pet food a person sees on the market today contains all this.

But, there is a new wave of pet foods that are specifically geared towards holistic or all natural pet food. Consumers treat their cats just like one of the family or even a child. So, they are demanding change. Life’s Abundance is one company that is helping to keep pets healthy. This company actually uses an animal plant health inspection service. This certifies the food as authentic all natural cat food. The all natural cat food ingredients that make a person’s cat food are high quality and not low standards. There is absolutely no dairy, corn or wheat, chemicals, artificial flavors, or colors. There are five sources of protein for a person’s kitty:

  • Chicken meal
  • Egg
  • Chicken Liver Meal
  • Herring Meal
  • Turkey Meal

With eggs, it is a complete protein that a cat can easily digest. It is chock full of vitamins to help with cell growth. The turkey is also very easy to digest as cats have more sensitive stomachs. The chicken used has all the moisture taken out of it so it becomes a higher source of protein. Herring will help the cat’s fur and skin to be beautiful and shiny looking, which will mean very healthy. The reason all natural cat food has liver in it is because of Vitamin A. The cat doesn’t convert the vitamins from veggies over to it.

It also contains Taurine. With this combined, it becomes an excellent source of protein. With all the fuss about anti oxidants for humans, what about animals? Grape seed extract is also added to the all natural cat food to keep the cat healthy along with probiotics and beet pulp. This keeps the kitty’s sensitive tummy on the right track to healthy digestion. There is also canned cat food that is very nutrient rich and contains the same ingredients. The cat will not eat as much because it’s not filled with junk.

It also has water that has vitamins and minerals in it. A cat drinks water when eating to wash it down. So, all the holistic aspects are covered. There are also all natural cat treats that are geared towards the cat’s skin and coat to help keep it healthy and shiny.

Tips on Selecting a Pet Sitting Company

pet sittingIf you’re like most American families at the conclusion of the traditional school year, you begin planning a summer vacation. Although there are many pet friendly hotels, there are just as many vacation destinations that aren’t appropriate for pets.

So what do you do when you can’t take Fluffy or Fido with you? Well, you have a few options: Ask Grandma to come over to feed Fluffy while you’re gone… and hope she remembers, ask the kid down the street to come over and feed Fido… and hope he doesn’t sabotage your house while you’re away, or hire a professional pet sitter.

You’re instinct may be to go with someone you know and trust in your home. But, you should think again, and consider a professional pet sitting company. Use the friend or family member as a backup or a contact person to give to the pet sitting company you hire. You’ll feel better (especially if your pet has special needs) and so will the friend, neighbor, or family member who doesn’t get roped into the responsibility while you’re away.

The well-being of your pet while you’re away is serious business, and professional pet sitters take it as such. Still, there are some companies that won’t provide the best service for what you’re looking for. It’s important to lay out everything that you expect, and to hear everything the pet sitting company offers. If it’s not the exact fit that meets your needs, keep looking.

Here are a 12 tips on choosing the right pet sitting service for you:

1. They should be bonded and insured for your protection.

2. They should be able to provide you with solid references.

3. They should have an affiliation with a national pet sitting organization such as National Association of Professional Pet Sitters or Pet Sitters International.

4. They should be trained and certified in first aid and CPR for animals.

5. They should have a concrete back-up plan in the event that your assigned sitter cannot take care of your pet. (If using a “solo” pet sitter, ask who is their back-up in case of an emergency)

6. They should have an emergency planning manual as their “go-to” guide in case an emergency occurs.

7. They should have you sign a veterinarian authorization form and should have emergency veterinarian procedures in place.

8. They should provide a contract describing care, services, and fees.

9. They should be available to you for pet services 365 days a year including all weekends and holidays. (They should always have a secondary pet sitter available for your needs)

10. They should provide a complimentary consultation to meet you and your pets, obtain all the information needed to care for your pets and explain the services, fees, and policies.

11. They should demonstrate a level of professionalism by maintaining a website, have a logo, and business cards.

12. They should explain how they further their education on pet care. Professional pet sitting companies attend national pet care conferences, have their sitters become certified in pet care by NAPPS or PSI, read current pet care publications, and network with other pets sitting companies and veterinarians.

When deciding what to do with your pets when you travel, consider an in-home professional pet sitting service that meets these standards. Most professional pet sitting companies adhere to these standards but do your due diligence, after all you’re leaving your family in the hands of someone new.

How to Get Rid of Your Cat’s Fleas Naturally

I think fleas multiply even faster than rabbits! Once you see one flea, you are bound to see more and more and more. You might see one jumping from the carpet one second and then you notice another one jumping onto your shirt from the couch. You wake up with flea bites all over your ankles night after night. You spray a chemical flea killer and you get a few days reprieve from these biting bugs, but a week later, they are back and in seemingly the same number as they were before!

As a cat owner, you probably would rather use a natural flea remedy over a chemical one that might hurt you and your cat in the process.

You might wonder if there really is such a thing. I wondered the same thing when I was researching how to get rid of fleas. I tried various different methods and I finally found one that has been working for me for years now. It works as long as I use it on a regular basis. I love it because it’s natural and I know it’s safe for me and my pets.

What is it?

It’s diatomaceous earth!

That’s right! The glass skeletons of the diatoms that live in the oceans. If you have a pool, you might already be using this product for your pool. But wait, don’t rush out and use that for your home. The industrial grade used for cleaning pools is not safe to be used around the house. You need to use food grade diatomaceous earth. This one is safe to eat and to use around the home, around your pets, and around your children.

My Recipe

This is what I do. I take a spray bottle and I add 1 to 2 tablespoons of diatomaceous earth to it and fill it with water. I shake it and then I spray this mixture all over my house focusing on areas where the fleas are likely to stay such as bedding areas, couches, all room edges, all entrances, all window openings, and all over carpets and rugs. I spray as often as I vacuum. If I vacuum, then I spray again. After I started this procedure, I noticed that fleas would disappear in a couple weeks and they wouldn’t come back! And as a side benefit, I didn’t get any spiders either. Nor any other bugs for that matter!

Caring for Pets: Services Available for the Elderly

When a person becomes of an advanced age and finds difficulty in caring for their pets it can be a difficult situation. The same can be said for when someone has a life altering accident, making mobility difficult. Family pets provide excellent companionship and are even shown to boost the health of the elderly — hence the reason so many service animals are brought to homes for the aged. Services that offer caring for pets can make it so that the elderly are able to continue to have wonderful companion animals in their home without the worry about how they will provide the care required for the animal.

The alternative, rehoming the pet, is difficult on the pet owner as well as the animal. Before you start looking for a new home for a pet of an elderly or ill person, consider the alternative — caring for pets offered by home care services that can come in and offer a variety of services.

Home Care Services Can Include Caring for Pets

There are a variety of services offered by home care services including but not limited to caring for pets. Whether you need your pets walked, pet grooming done, changing the cat litter box, and other pet care services this can be handled by a home care services provider. We can even help with non-standard pets, such as birds and fish with cage-cleaning and aquarium cleaning as well as feeding these pets that bring our clients so much enjoyment.

In addition to caring for pets, additional services can help you or your loved one be more comfortable at home either after surgery or recovering from an accident as well as for those who are elderly and simply need additional assistance.

Night Care Services:

Services are available for both waking hours and nighttime when it can be extremely helpful to have an extra pair of skilled and caring hands available.

Respite Care:

Do you have a regular carer that needs time off? Ad hoc respite services are also available temporarily and at short notice when you need extra assistance.


Keeping your home in good order is a big part of why so many elderly or infirm people have difficulty remaining at home. The right help with a little light housekeeping, with landscaping, or with all of the above could make all the difference. Services can be tailored to your specific needs.

Personal Affairs:

Do you need help paying bills, dealing with finances, with your shopping, or another personal affairs area? Professional and confidential services are available from trustworthy people.